on my wishlist: tucker red silk bird print blouse

tucker red silk bird print blouse

tucker is one of my favorite brands, and someday i will have something from the label hanging in my closet. someday. i think gaby basora is one of the best in the biz when it comes to prints. unique but not overdone, office-friendly but not bland. this blouse has slowly become one of the most paramount pieces i have ever laid eyes on. by this, i mean that i think about it at least once a day. (please spare me your commentary, and just let me live my life.)

although i should have taken advantage of this being on piperlime for $200-ish a few months ago, i probably would’ve never forgiven myself for dropping that much cash on a blouse. nevertheless, now it’s few and far between…going for a mere $350 on this british site! (kill me.)

this really is my “one that got away.” i was channel flipping the other night and saw an actress on some terrible sitcom wearing this and literally screamed. life is so unfair!


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