gotta have it: madewell archive leather boot

madewell archive leather boots

all year, i have been desperately waiting for boot season because i own the perfect pair of boots. every girl knows how exhausting the search for boots can be, so i certainly feel a sense of fulfillment every time i wear mine. i bought these last fall (after a very long and tiring search), and they are probably the best investment i have ever made. extremely versatile (easily worn with jeans or tights and a dress/skirt), comfortable, and weather-durable (with a layer of protectant spray). i will most definitely wear them for years to come.

what i love the most about these is the subtle hint of red in the color of the leather. (italian, by the way. totally worth it.) i know you can’t tell from the picture, but these aren’t your run-of-the-mill brown boots. for that reason, i can wear them with a wider spectrum of accompanying colors: from brown to grey to black. and since madewell stores are still fairly scarce, i like being able to wear a pair of boots that isn’t owned by everyone and their mom. (steve madden intyce, i am talking about you.)

and speaking of madewell, the alexa chung collection that came out last month is OFF. THE. CHAIN. gosh, i just love her…she embodies the madewell spirit to a t, and i pretty much died when they unveiled her stuff. i decided against buying the annie blouse, but believe me, the memory of it still haunts me…


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