snoods: apparently a real thing!

“snood” is one of my favorite words. for me, the term originated from an old computer game that was really popular back in the 90’s, but i have now coined the phrase to refer to someone who is generally annoying or worthless. (ie: “stop being such a snood.”)

well as i have been gearing up for winter and looking into buying a new scarf, i discovered that a snood is actually a type of winterwear! from wikipedia:

“A snood is a type of headgear, historically worn by European women over their long hair. In the most common form it resembles a close-fitting hood worn over the back of the head…In modern times the word also has come to be applied to a tubular neck protector or warmer, often worn by skiers or motorcyclists. The garment may be worn either pulled down around the neck like a scarf, or pulled up over the hair and lower face, like a hood.”

so basically i was meant to own one of these. basically.

burberry shimmer check merino snood


missoni circle scarf

intarsia illusion eternity scarf

deena & ozzy eternity scarf

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