gotta have it: gap tweed funnel jacket & san diego hat co. toasty rose scarf

gap tweed funnel jacket

it was 95 degrees this weekend in arizona, so naturally i went out and bought a coat and scarf. (by the world’s standards, this is probably a light jacket, but here in the south, this is most definitely a coat.)  admittedly, this one isn’t anything spectacular…pretty much your standard tweed jacket. however, i love the oversized collar, which i’m starting to see more and more, that can easily be flipped up on those particularly chilly days. this will be a total steal on gap’s recent trend of giving customers 40% off of everything. by the way, i have said this before and will say it again…i think gap will go out of business before i turn 30. the day america loses one its most iconic and versatile rtw brands (despite patrick robinson’s defenses) will be a sad day indeed.


san diego hat co. toasty rose scarf

well, my quest to find a cute and affordable snood (in an actual store and not online) has been completely unfruitful. in the meantime, i’m settling for this necker (what a strange word.) it also comes in neutral and ivory, and it’s certainly eye-catching, especially when worth with a single-tone trench or peacoat. i think this is adorable, but it’s one of those things that i know my guy friends will mock me for wearing. i can just hear it now….”what the heck are you wearing around your neck?” UGH, BOYS.

this whole ascot look is apparently really in right now; what could easily be an iffy throwback to sound of music/ww2-era germany in general has managed to be recreated as a classy and feminine touch to drab winter wear. i saw the tea and biscuits scarf and pixel perfect ascot on the anthro floor today, and i approve.


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