fleur delacour (weasley) marries in “mcqueen”; katy perry dons elie saab

i am a huge harry potter nerd, so when the franchise collides with fashion, of course i’m going to give my 2 cents.

although the deathly hallows costume designer won’t outright say that fleur’s gown was inspired by (which is giving her A LOT  of credit) the late mcqueen’s fall 08 collection, the similarities are glaringly obvious, as noted by lela london. see for yourself:

personally, i feel like giving a formal nod to mcqueen would be a great posthumous homage to one of britain’s great(est)s.  and by the way, as a friend pointed out: “bill does not look like his face was eaten by a werewolf.” i concur.

in other wedding news, according to the cut, katy perry got married over the weekend in dove gray elie saab couture. a little zombie bride-ish for my taste, but she does whatever she wants, obviously.


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