the little red dress

election day is fast approaching, and some of us in the biz need something special to wear for this important occasion. the right dress should be classy — not too much skin (not only because we are PROFESSIONALS, but also because it’s november) and of a certain hue.

a friend just bought this today, which led me to wonder what other options exist for the rest of us.

taylor dresses bengaline party dress

i die for this. definitely wish i had seen this while i was shopping this weekend, but the next best thing to owning it is knowing someone that owns it so you can borrow it later! the acetate says “party time!” which is most certainly what we will be doing on november 2nd. of course, the zipper is my favorite thing about this number, but the pockets are a close second. another great thing about this dress is that you don’t even need a necklace, thanks to the detail up top.

it’s important to remember that it’s too easy to go over the top when it comes to red. at a work-related event, there’s no reason to go the bombshell route…first class or no class, people. all of these are age appropriate because they hit above the knee. with black tights and a classic pair of pumps, you just might be the talk of the town! (sorry. so cheesy.)

tory burch virginia zipper dress

another zipper dress with pockets and an interesting neckline. i just can’t get enough.

diane von furstenburg honour dress

this one’s a combo of the first two dresses…i swear, i didn’t mean to! i love the v-back, boatneck combo. love, love, love how this one’s been accessorized on the mannequin.

exte short dress

this is a little flapper-esque with the tiers and fringe, but fringe!!!! i love that we’re starting to see more formal/cocktail integrating fringe!! (i am a huge fan of fringe if you can’t tell!)

ali ro asymmetrical collar dress

this one’s my favorite. it’s very mod…interesting and dramatic, yet appropriate for the occasion. you can’t tell in this picture, but the back is really cool too. now i’m starting to rethink the dress i originally bought…someone please save me from myself.


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