dress for the occasion: a boho chic day on the town

the occasion: a day of outdoor shopping, antiquing or thrifting. somewhere funky like brooklyn…or a little closer to home like austin, texas.

the outfit: yuki** anna frill dress, topshop tapestry satchel, gorjana chloe stud earrings,  hope marian by lizzie fortunato jewels rhinestone bracelet,  kate spade “this year i will” idiom bangle, hive and honey leather wrap. (sadly, i own none of the items in this post…but perhaps soon???)

yuki** anna frill dress

{lately, i’ve been really drawn to overtly feminine pieces (think pink-ish hues, tulle, lace) and trying to dress them down with accessories.  this ballerina-esque dress may seem more appropriate for a girls night out or even a bridal shower, but i think it’d be cuter grunged out a bit. throw on a dark brown leather motorcycle jacket, some vintage cowboy boots and the right jewelry, and you’ve put a boho chic twist on an otherwise prim and proper dress.}

topshop tapestry satchel

{love this purse. it’s got a vintage-y feel, it’s small, and it’s a crossbody. perfect for shopping so you have your arms free for loads of beautiful garments on hangers or bags full of fresh purchases. (retail therapy can be way poetic.) i love the idea of mixing a “something old” element like this with the current and “new” style of the dress above.}

gorjana chloe stud earrings

{my first instinct was turquoise, so if you’re feeling that, then check out these. but when i saw these gorjana studs, i couldn’t resist. they remind me of cuff links, so in that way, they juxtapose the feminine nature of the yuki** dress. i’m also obsessed with their uneven shape. i want them!! they also come in silver, but i am a gold kind of gal.}

hope marian by lizzie fortunato jewels rhinestone bracelet

{mixed media…a perfect continuation of this kind-of-everywhere outfit. this is like the glam rock take on the traditional friendship bracelet. are there shoelaces wound up in there?}

kate spade “this year i will” idiom bangle

{i say, keep stacking the bangles with this outfit! this one adds some elegance, and while normally, i’m not for inspirational rhetoric, i must say, this engraving embodies a woman’s spirit perfectly. it reads: “read the classics, conquer the souffle, learn to cha-cha, take up the trumpet, fall head over heels” on the outside, and “there year i will” on the inside.}

hive and honey leather wrap bracelet

{thought i needed some leather to wrap up this look. that is all.}




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