it’s perfectly normal to be an adult who can’t stop buying nail polish.

i remember when i was younger, my sister and i would hoard nail polish, arguing over who got to use which color. it’s pretty ridiculous to look back on how much we fought over our unnecessarily extensive nail polish collections.

that being said, i have recently gotten back to my junior high roots. (don’t worry. no yellow or kelly green this time, though.) anytime i go to target or cvs, i peruse the selection of nail polish and usually end up leaving with a new bottle or 2. and before you roll your eyes, i just want you to know that giving myself regular manicures is an effective technique to combat my decades old nail-biting habit.

i’m not one of those people that thinks certain shades are only appropriate for certain seasons. why not wear hot pink all year round? in fact, i wear the same shade of bright coral on my toes all 12 months of the year. who cares?

just wanted to share of my current favorites. they may seem out of the ordinary, but in reality, they’re pretty subtle and totally appropriate for the office. (well, mine at least.)

sally hansen xtreme wear in wet cement


sally hansen insta-dry in lovely lilac


opi in breathe life

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