and my love affair with prints continues…

in a perfect world, i’d be able to buy everything i ever tried on that i liked. obviously, the world is far from perfect.

i fell in love with this dress the other night at zara. hmm, well maybe not the dress, but definitely the print.

zara printed dress with elastic waistband

in case you can’t tell, that is a woman walking her dog. don’t ask me how i get so attached to these really random patterns; i’m not even animal person. you could probably find a really similar fabric on the clearance rack at your local joann’s. which somehow makes me like it more?

and again, in a perfect world, i’d wear it with this blazer.

elevenses garment district blazer

and maybe add a bright red shoe in fear of looking too much like mary poppins or any other woman from the early 20th century. (mary poppins is probably one of my favorite fictional characters of all time but i sure as heck would never want to dress like her.)


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