gotta have it: madewell caravan pants

while on the hunt for a navy blazer last night, i obviously got very distracted and ended up trying on these fabulous pants. i want them badly but have promised myself to wait at least one whole day before purchasing them. all i’m saying is, they BETTER be there when i go back to buy them.

madewell caravan pants in dark olive

and while i’m there, i may or may not snag this. i am determined to add some velvet to my wardrobe this season.

madewell velvet panel  tee

i LOVE how madewell has managed to inject some bright red into their winter collection without being, for lack of a better word, gap-y. it’s really interesting to see how, since inception, they have moved from this washed out, beachy motif to a bolder, brighter, more sophisticated overall look. getting alexa chung on board was absolutely HUGE. i am completely enamored with the brand right now. now if only they could come out with a more inventive accessories line and not make everything look like a knock-off of their sister brand, j.crew…



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