men’s runway shows leave me oh so torn.

women have it pretty easy. society allows us much more individuality when it comes to personal style. many of us strive to stand out because our basic goal is to make other women wonder: “where did she get that?” and “can i pull that off?” we are a competitive species in this arena; therefore, we are more willing to take risks. we might get strange looks initially, but in a few months’ time, you could’ve started a new trend.

men’s fashion, on the other hand, is a complete enigma. i’d guess that a VERY small percentage of men would consider themselves “fashionable.” (there is a difference in having good taste and being “fashionable.”) what women consider “cool,” men classify as “weird.” generally speaking, most males dress the same way, which is totally fine by me.

that being said, i appreciate men’s fashion. sometimes, i think it can be way more interesting than womenswear. but it’s important to remember that when i say i like something i saw on the runway, it does not mean that i would date someone wearing said outfit. it’s like this: i love the clothes, but there’s no way in hell i’d be attracted to someone who is actually wearing them on the street because it would mean they care about clothes more than i do. no thanks.

i’ve pulled some examples from my favorite spring 2011 shows in new york. both are looks i love, but on the right is something an everyday man could wear (or at least a watered down variation of it) and on the left is a little too put together for my taste.

robert geller

patrik ervell

band of outsiders

gilded age

steven alan


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