modcloth: a bona fide boredom beater

today i got really bored and decided to peruse modcloth’s current dress offerings. that’s over 1,200 dresses, people. i managed to pick my 5 favorites out of the bunch.

success story dress

love, love, love the versatility of this dress. throw on a blazer and pumps and you’re office-ready, or some big earrings and strappy heels for a night out on the town. or even a day at the mall with some boots! and who doesn’t love a nice, peach and blue combo?

late night talking dress

a perfect fall dress made of thick enough material to wear with tights. adorned sleeves are tricky with cardis or jackets, but this is just too cute to make that a point of hesitation.

rojas dare to be square dress

def needs to be toned down to avoid being too clubby, but this is my fav neckline of all time!


motel kittenish dress

words cannot describe how much i want this.

aurora skies dress

ditto for this one. sooooo pretty.

take a look for yourself. there’s a dress for every occasion. even occasions called “tba.” 🙂


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