“look at my rings, my rings, my rings.”

and THAT is a quote from cougar town, a show that looks terrible but is actually pretty good. (from the creator of scrubs, starring his wife, who played dr. cox’s hilarious wife, as courteney cox’s best friend.)

that was a really bad segue into some of my favorite rings right now…

iosselliani stack of 5 rings

stacked rings. my current obsession. these are cohesive but not overly matchy matchy. they kind of inspire me to go through my jewelry box and see what i can put together with what i’ve already got.

soixante neuf long oval ring

abalone. preeeeeetttttttty.


elizabeth and james sterling silver & 14k yellow gold ring

usually, i’d never mix silver and gold…in fact, i never wear silver, period, but the markings on the metal offset any kind of kitschy contrast that could be happening otherwise. this ring also strikes me as very roman and almost biblical with the whole feather or foliage (or whatever) motif it’s got going on.


rock of gibraltar two finger ring

okay, i hate 99.9% of all two finger rings i’ve seen out , but the color combo on this is too good to pass up.

kate spade cluster ring

THE perfect shade for winter, bar none.

freedom semi previous ball ring

the tarnished metal and orb-like center piece…a little witch-y perhaps? have i been reading/watching too much harry potter as of late? yes and yes.



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