rachel antonoff: spring 2011

i love mooka kinney; therefore, i love rachel antonoff.

this fall, she had a slumber party to present her spring 2011  collection, and tavi was there, of course. in typical tavi fashion, she describes the pieces like no other teenager would:

“Rachel Antonoff can do the ‘cute’ thing like no other, and her Spring 2011 collection was inspired by Peter Pan, specifically the notion of not growing up. It was perfect slumber party dreamvibes and made me really just want to crawl into one of the forts and fall asleep reading a Babysitters Club book while wearing a bow-printed jumper.”

there’s also a hayley mills shoutout later on in the post. who doesn’t love pollyanna? (gotta love the “glad game,” complete with one of the maids from mary poppins.)

here are some of my favorite looks from the collection. i’m saying “heavenly” and “innocent.”

(via elle)


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