dress for the occasion: a night of good ol’ fashioned midwestern barhopping

the occasion: last weekend, i ventured to kansas city, missouri for a mini reunion with some of my best friends from high school. on saturday night, we partook in what i like to call the “party trolley.” no idea what it’s actually referred to by the locals, but basically you pay $10 to be chauffeured in a trolley (or sometimes, what looks like a nursing home van) to the different areas of kc nightlife.

the outfit: forever 21 lacy satin top, gap always skinny black jeans, merona myka suede wedges, urban outffiters tiered turquoise necklace, gap tweed funnel jacket. (lots of components…it was fuh-reeeeezing. by my standards, anyway.)

forever 21 lacy satin top

{this was an impulse purchase on a boring night when i wandered into the f21 at the mall. definitely one of the more versatile tops i have bought recently, as i can think of at least 3 very different occasions for which i’ve worn this in the past 2 weeks. i love the combo of shimmer, lace, and fringe. for under $20, you could say i’m pretty thrilled with it.}

gap always skinny jeans in black

{my go-to jeans these days. due to freakishly short legs, i sport these in the ankle cut, and they are the perfect length for showing off a killer pair of shoes.}

merona myka suede wedges in taupe

{i raved about these when i first bought them, and i will continue to do so, because i have absolutely nothing but good things to say about these shoes!}

urban outfitters tiered turquoise necklace

{i got this back in the spring, and it has been THE tried and true piece of my wardrobe since. this adds the right amount of pop to virtually any outfit, and i’ve worn it on both casual and formal occasions. they must have just taken it off the shelves because it’s no longer available online. however, only a few weeks ago, i bought a second one to replace my original that broke inside of starbucks, so i bet many stores are still carrying it.}

gap tweed funnel jacket

{got a lot of compliments on this! surprisingly the boys like it too…especially with all the buttons done and collar snapped; believe me when i say that my guy friends are harshly critical when it comes to my outfit choices.}



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