dress for the occasion: coffee date on a chilly texas mid-morning

the occasion: coffee and chocolate croissants with a gal pal at a cafe in downtown austin on this chilly last week of texas november!

the outfit: dolan flowering pasture blouse, collection xiix print circle scarf, madewell rail straight jeans, tory burch classic reva ballerina flats.

dolan flowering pasture blouse

{the initial novelty of this has worn off, unfortunately, but it’s still nice to have this hanging in my closet when i’m in the mood for some green. i wish the buttons were gold and not silver, but hey, you win some, you lose some. i’m loving all the dolan in anthropologie this past summer/fall. for me, it’s become a cheaper version of tucker.}

collection xiix print circle scarf

{obviously still obsessed with print mixing. also proud to have finally purchased an infinity scarf after all that talk.}

madewell rail straight jeans in madewell wash

{these jeans fit snug as a bug…but they’re so dang long! even the shorter inseam is too long for me. i have to fold these every time i wear them. perfect for boots, i guess.}

tory burch classic reva ballerina flat in black/gold

{i know these are plain, and everyone has them, but sometimes a girl just needs a simple ballet flat to tie an outfit together! plenty can be said tory burch’s lack of imagination when it comes to design (at times), but i must say that these shoes have survived through thick and thin over the years. since i’ve owned them, i’ve never thought, “man, i need a new pair of black flats”; that’s the sign of a good investment.}


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