bachelor fashion recap: week one

america’s favorite show is back, and this season will be the most CONTROVERSIAL. says chris harrison, because that doesn’t get old at all.

last night, we began with 30 girls. that means 30 rose ceremony dresses to analyze so here we go:

unfortunately (and not surprisingly) i wasn’t wowed by any of the girls after brad’s heart. i guess not everyone can be blessed with a closet like gia’s. however, picking the best dressed of week 1, wasn’t difficult.

congrats, lacey. love this shade of purple. especially on you. (of course, as i write this, i am referencing the bachelor bio page on because at this point, these girls are basically all the same.)

and a 3-way tie for worst dressed:

ashley h., melissa, and renee wearing, as a friend put it, “j.c. penney prom dresses.” sounds about right.

chantal came close, but to her credit, i did love that kelly green on her. unfortunately, alli had the same idea. with a MUCH better dress.a too easy game of “who wore it better?”

another unfortunate hit-and-miss example was britnee (yikes.)

this picture does not do this hideous updo justice. a promising top half of a dress, though.

yuck! you ruined it!

and we must talk about these shoes that brad claimed to love:

brad, you’re a liar. (according to the possessionista, these are d&g.)

i really have no comment on who got roses and who didn’t. (does it really matter at this point?) however, i am pretty happy that meghan, “the fashion marketer” made it through. her bio pic on the show’s website gives me hope that she may have some interesting outfits to share with us. that is, if she lasts long enough. (my guess is that she doesn’t.)

gimme that necklace.

ironically, i do not remember what she was wearing in last night’s episode. we may want to keep an eye on keltie, too. judging by her hair and her use of “bananas,” she may be a fellow rachel zoe fan.

so all in all, the score so far: lacey: 1, everyone else: 0. SO EXCITING.


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