bachelor fashion recap: week two

the previews for what’s in store this week is INSANE. week two is WAY too early to be shedding tears and freaking out about not having enough time with brad, ladies! (melissa.)

also, will these girls never learn that america does not care that it’s your birthday. (especially if you’re clearly a raging psychopath.) i’d say it also doesn’t entitle you to a rose, but apparently brad didn’t agree.

mmmmmmmmmm he really loves me

first up, a one on one with ashley h, the dentist. a lot of sparks for a first date, dontchathink?

haute hippie sequined tulle cocktail dress, says the possessionista. (already sold out online, of course.)

most certainly, this was an improvement on the sparkly hot pink tie back dress from last week. i like ashley h. she doesn’t seem clinically insane, which automatically puts her near the top of the pack for now. (doesn’t take much.) although her use of her hands while speaking was slightly distracting. it was almost like watching someone communicating via sign language.

cheap shot? sorry.

the group date was too much to handle. this cannot be ignored:

unfortunate updo of the week.

i must make known that i fast forwarded through melissa’s one on one time with brad on the rooftop. am i wrong or does it come off as very desperate when you have to tell someone why you’re great? like…let them take some time to figure it out for themselves? melissa is, for sure, exhibiting man repelling behavior when she should be PROPELLING.

oh, and i guess this was pretty bad:

raichel was sadly misinformed about the trip to the miami nightclub that would be happening later in the night.

jackie got the traditional neil lane treatment. and she got a rose…even though brad was practically hyperventilating as he gave it to her.

jackie and i are grateful for the pretty woman experience. (where did she get this top? limited too?)

this alberto makali beaded cowl neck gown (from the possessionista) is pretty, but i wish she had picked something that looked a little younger. this is something dame judi dench would wear to the oscars. okay, maybe not THAT old. helen mirren?

believe it or not, i don’t mind jackie too much either so i feel bad for bashing on her dress, but someone look me in the eye and tell me that she didn’t squander some major potential.

anyway. time for the rose ceremony!

oh. NO. maybe this is how she always wears her hair?!?

this dress actually had some cool structural stuff going on at the bottom…devastatingly ruined by the ruffle bolero.

guys, she NEVER cries.

ali in her best serena van der woodsen costume.

the looks i hated this week:

sarah’s chiffon blue ruffle front cocktail dress, stacy’s jewelry, and UGH.

emily and jackie’s choices grew on me as the night went on:

i had 3 dresses i loved! 3!!! (it was a good night in the mansion.)

keltie’s plum one-shoulder, tie-waist number. (her meltdown was hard to watch, though.)

lisa’s drapey, kelly green one shoulder dress with a cream leather belt. (sorry for the blurriness, there were NO good shots of this on the ep. an injustice for such a fab outfit.)

marissa’s bcbg metallic paneled tube dress

so, last week, lacey won top honors. but she didn’t make it past the first round, the scoreboard was wiped clean, and after the second week, it’s now marissa/lisa : 1 (r.i.p. keltie), everyone else: 0, melissa: -10000 (really terrible rose ceremony dress).




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