bachelor fashion recap: week three

i have to begin with this:

totally normal behavior displayed by a stable human being who’s definitely NOT creepy at all

okay, glad i got that out of my system. let’s move onto the important stuff: rose ceremony attire! (catch up on weeks one and two if you haven’t yet.)

let’s talk about alli’s dress, which i didn’t hate:

“it’s good to know we’re both looking for a stable relationship with somebody we can enjoy.” um, duh? what is this, dating 101? actually, for some of these women’s sake, i wish it was…

{jay godfrey one shoulder cocktail mini dress}

by choosing this dress, alli is exhibiting some classic characteristics of a man repeller. personally, i like the bow, and i think most other women would at least try on this dress too, but this is exactly the kind of attire that confuses men. in fact, if i wore this, my guy friends would probably ask me why my dress had a huge spider on it. i’m very glad alli explained this to brad because, otherwise, he would’ve sat there the whole time wondering, “what the HECK is on her shoulder?” so good job, alli.

wait. pause.

“can i have you for a second?”

literally 5 seconds later:

“can i have you for a second?”

amazing. so many reasons to love this show. also, this week, updo-gate continues…

we believe in you, britt!!

plenty of “meh” looks this week. based on past performance, i expected more from marissa, jackie, and ashley h.

time to step it up, LADIES. last i heard, this was a COMPETITION.

now i’d like to introduce you the worst looks of the night:




speaking of madison, i actually think she is very pretty. but what’s with the producers showing the most awful shots of her during the rose ceremony?! correct me if i’m wrong, but one of a girl’s biggest fears is being photographically captured during a terrible moment. i feel sorry for her…she was wronged!

someone wake madison up from this hellish nightmare!!!

the two best dressed girls of the night just happened to be sitting next to each other on the couch at the cocktail party.

sorry, kellie pickler…i mean, ashley s.!

{aidan mattox sequined mesh sheath dress}

{alice + olivia kline fitted mesh back & sleeve dress}

and was it just me, or were the exit interviews this week, kiiiiinda intense/weird?

they regret this.

but get pumped for next week!!

dr. drew!!!!!!!!!

more creepin!!!/week 4 of updo-gate rolls on!!!

the answer to the age-old question: “how does one wake up with a black eye?”

ohhhhhh man. i’m sure it’s going to be GREAT. in fact, it will probably be the most dramatic rose ceremony yet!

so far, there seems to be no frontrunner for this season’s “best dressed” title. ashley s., meghan, lisa, and marissa all have one point each.

who will come out on top? find out next week on…the bachelor. (channeling chris harrison!)

thanks to the possessionista for the tips on what all the girls were wearing. check out her post to see where you can more of the looks!



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