currently seeking asymmetrical necklaces

one of my favorite things about an outfit is a piece of jewelry that really pops. lately, i’ve been loving subtly asymmetrical necklaces. it’s all about the tiny details that make you look twice. for example, this is a necklace i made. at first, you might not notice the asymmetry in color. i think it’s kinda interesting. (check out more of my jewelry here.)

in a recent post on cupcakes and cashmere, emily shows off an awesome vintage find that shows off that same idea.

of course, nothing  that i found online even compares to the majesty of hers, but here are some cool necklaces that also embrace imperfection.

{kenneth jay lane crystal bib necklace}

{leafing town necklace}

{devon leigh opal and chalcedony necklace}

{aesa pendulum pendant necklace}

{house of harlow 1960 mixed media bib necklace}

{oscar de la renta pewter & brass coquillage necklace}

{ellen eller 11.17.1910}






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