on my wishlist: tory burch katyrna leggings

oh man, i loved country strong. it was seriously one of the best movies i’ve seen in awhile, and the soundtrack is pretty much all i’ll be listening to for weeks.

being from the south, i am totally partial to any and all country music-related attire, but the leather leggings that gwyneth paltrow rocked in several scenes…i want them.

i love the idea of being able to wear these without looking like a total dominatrix. you can wear leather and still be flirty and feminine….and dare i say it, classy, too.

obviously, anything made of genuine leather is really pricey, so these will be staying on my wishlist forever.

{tory burch katyrna leggings}

and in case the idea of wearing an all-leather legging freaks you out (it should probably freak me out too), here are some other alternatives that contain leather elements so you can embrace the trend without diving headfirst.

{tt stevie leather insert leggings}

{factory by erik hart faux leather leggings}


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