sofia vergara is now designing clothes for kmart.

well, okay.

of course, the clothes look great on the modern family bombshell. but let’s be real. how many average american women (who, by the way, is now a size 14 and 34c) have her body shape? my guess would be not too many.

from wwd:

It’s a daring move for the mass merchant to cater to the younger contemporary crowd with Vergara but, in an interview, she said the collection doesn’t cross the line. “You have to realize that it’s me wearing it. You’ve just seen it on me,” and she’s not your everyday Kmart customer. “All the pieces are very wearable. And we have them in all sizes.”

But she acknowledges the line represents Kmart stepping out. “We’re trying to fill a hole in the store. They wanted to appeal to a younger woman with something a little spicy. The times are changing,” she said.

much of the collection is in the $30 range, with jackets priced up to $59.99

see for yourself:

(via instyle)



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