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glamour (march 2011): diane kruger

she is definitely in the top 5 of my best dressed list. always.

can you believe shes 34?!?!?

{in chanel jacket, daryl k tee, and j brand shorts}

On what her favorite look is: “A well-cut dress. It’s all about the cut. I love three-quarter sleeves. I definitely like it classic; less is more. The thing I despise most is vulgarity, and there’s a lot of that here [in L.A.].”

On her biggest fashion splurge: “The biggest fashion purchase I ever made I thought about for six years. I’m not kidding. All my life I wanted to own an Hermès Constance bag, and when I signed with Calvin Klein, I decided this was the time that I could afford it. I truly broke a sweat when I paid for it.”

On her boyfriend Joshua Jackson and his style: “We go shopping. But he likes it. I definitely wasn’t fond of these blue sneakers that he wore all the time for about a year and a half.”

On marrying and divorcing when she was younger: “Without sounding pessimistic, I learned that I don’t believe in marriage. I believe in a commitment that you make in your heart. There’s no paper that will make you stay.”

(via racked)


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glamour espana (feb 2011): leighton meester

okay, she was featured, not on the cover. but whatever. i’m kind of obsessed with her right now. red carpet fashion awards has all the details on the spread:


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w (feb 2011): rooney mara

i’m a HUGE fan of the girl with the dragon tattoo franchise. i’ve read all the books (each is better than the one that precedes) and seen the swedish movie versions.

later this year, the american adaptations are coming out, starring rooney mara (mark zuckerberg’s ex in the social network). fun fact about her: her great-grandfathers started the steelers and giants organizations!

she graces the cover of this month’s w to give us our first taste of lisbeth salander, the u.s version:

in burberry prorsum

The transformation began with the hair. Mara’s long brown mane was dyed black and cut in a series of jagged points that looked as if she had chopped it herself with a dull razor. The bangs were cropped very short and uneven, and the rest of the hair was layered into an extended shag. The final result was a mash-up of brazen Seventies punk and spooky Eighties goth with a dash of S&M temptress. That look, which could also describe Salander’s nature, was echoed in her wardrobe—a collection of ripped stockings, low garter belts, skintight leather, and heavy-soled boots.

read the whole article here.

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interview (nov 2010): ryan gosling


steve carell, his costar in the upcoming crazy, stupid, love interviews him about his childhood job as “head of security” for an elvis impersonator, his seemingly inappropriate relationship with an adult genie at disneyworld during his stint on the mickey mouse club, the unconventional filming of blue valentine, and his methods as a comedic actor. a really entertaining interview all around. but more importantly:

{burberry prorsum jacket, d&g sweater and tank}

{3.1 phillip lim jacket, topman tee, calvin klein jeans}

{burberry prorsum jacket, levi’s vest, d&g sweater}

sorry!!!! got a LITTLE carried away there…


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elle (nov. 2010): kate hudson

in marc jacobs resort 2011.

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