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diy: begone, plain jane hair.

great news, everyone.

i finally figured out how to do graphic-y things without using paint! (i’m a little behind the times.) this is a win/win for everyone, as the features on this site will look much more polished and less blurry. here’s to a new era for i die for…!

i think every girl has a love/hate relationship with her hair. i have been blessed with hair that can be worn both wavy and straight with relatively little effort. (don’t hate me.) UNFORTUNATELY, i chopped off close to 10 inches in late october, and i am DYING for my locks to be long again so i can try out all sorts of cute ‘dos. (plus, i have baaasically been told by every boy i know, in so many words, that the drastic change may have been a mistake. )

i scoured the web for some (seemingly) simple tutorials on new ways to wear your hair when the same old same old is getting…well, old.

  1. double knot updo
  2. “s” french braid updo
  3. the side twist
  4. the tootsie roll
  5. braided updo


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diy: ring necklace

i got this idea from ps i made this:

except who really has this many unworn rings just laying around? (i raided my mom’s jewelry box for this.)

i added some actual hardware (washers and nuts) to mine to make it a little more edgy. and i strung them on a chain instead of ribbon to give it an ornate and antique-y look:

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