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dress for the occasion: saturday afternoon shopping (duh)

the occasion: saturday afternoon shopping at one of my favorite places in this great state, the domain. (i’m still on my quest to find the perfect and affordable pair of coral shoes. i ended up with a poncho. i need to get my impulses under control.) did i mention it was a perfectly divine 62 degrees here today?!?

the outfit: yellow is gold silk mini dress, merona basket weave tights, deena & ozzy leather harness boots, michael kors shiny gold watch

\{yellow is gold by sunshine & shadow silk mini dress}

{merona basket weave tights}

{deena & ozzy leather harness boots}

{michael kors shiny golden watch}


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dress for the occasion: coffee date on a chilly texas mid-morning

the occasion: coffee and chocolate croissants with a gal pal at a cafe in downtown austin on this chilly last week of texas november!

the outfit: dolan flowering pasture blouse, collection xiix print circle scarf, madewell rail straight jeans, tory burch classic reva ballerina flats.

dolan flowering pasture blouse

{the initial novelty of this has worn off, unfortunately, but it’s still nice to have this hanging in my closet when i’m in the mood for some green. i wish the buttons were gold and not silver, but hey, you win some, you lose some. i’m loving all the dolan in anthropologie this past summer/fall. for me, it’s become a cheaper version of tucker.}

collection xiix print circle scarf

{obviously still obsessed with print mixing. also proud to have finally purchased an infinity scarf after all that talk.}

madewell rail straight jeans in madewell wash

{these jeans fit snug as a bug…but they’re so dang long! even the shorter inseam is too long for me. i have to fold these every time i wear them. perfect for boots, i guess.}

tory burch classic reva ballerina flat in black/gold

{i know these are plain, and everyone has them, but sometimes a girl just needs a simple ballet flat to tie an outfit together! plenty can be said tory burch’s lack of imagination when it comes to design (at times), but i must say that these shoes have survived through thick and thin over the years. since i’ve owned them, i’ve never thought, “man, i need a new pair of black flats”; that’s the sign of a good investment.}

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dress for the occasion: a night of good ol’ fashioned midwestern barhopping

the occasion: last weekend, i ventured to kansas city, missouri for a mini reunion with some of my best friends from high school. on saturday night, we partook in what i like to call the “party trolley.” no idea what it’s actually referred to by the locals, but basically you pay $10 to be chauffeured in a trolley (or sometimes, what looks like a nursing home van) to the different areas of kc nightlife.

the outfit: forever 21 lacy satin top, gap always skinny black jeans, merona myka suede wedges, urban outffiters tiered turquoise necklace, gap tweed funnel jacket. (lots of components…it was fuh-reeeeezing. by my standards, anyway.)

forever 21 lacy satin top

{this was an impulse purchase on a boring night when i wandered into the f21 at the mall. definitely one of the more versatile tops i have bought recently, as i can think of at least 3 very different occasions for which i’ve worn this in the past 2 weeks. i love the combo of shimmer, lace, and fringe. for under $20, you could say i’m pretty thrilled with it.}

gap always skinny jeans in black

{my go-to jeans these days. due to freakishly short legs, i sport these in the ankle cut, and they are the perfect length for showing off a killer pair of shoes.}

merona myka suede wedges in taupe

{i raved about these when i first bought them, and i will continue to do so, because i have absolutely nothing but good things to say about these shoes!}

urban outfitters tiered turquoise necklace

{i got this back in the spring, and it has been THE tried and true piece of my wardrobe since. this adds the right amount of pop to virtually any outfit, and i’ve worn it on both casual and formal occasions. they must have just taken it off the shelves because it’s no longer available online. however, only a few weeks ago, i bought a second one to replace my original that broke inside of starbucks, so i bet many stores are still carrying it.}

gap tweed funnel jacket

{got a lot of compliments on this! surprisingly the boys like it too…especially with all the buttons done and collar snapped; believe me when i say that my guy friends are harshly critical when it comes to my outfit choices.}


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dress for the occasion: a boho chic day on the town

the occasion: a day of outdoor shopping, antiquing or thrifting. somewhere funky like brooklyn…or a little closer to home like austin, texas.

the outfit: yuki** anna frill dress, topshop tapestry satchel, gorjana chloe stud earrings,  hope marian by lizzie fortunato jewels rhinestone bracelet,  kate spade “this year i will” idiom bangle, hive and honey leather wrap. (sadly, i own none of the items in this post…but perhaps soon???)

yuki** anna frill dress

{lately, i’ve been really drawn to overtly feminine pieces (think pink-ish hues, tulle, lace) and trying to dress them down with accessories.  this ballerina-esque dress may seem more appropriate for a girls night out or even a bridal shower, but i think it’d be cuter grunged out a bit. throw on a dark brown leather motorcycle jacket, some vintage cowboy boots and the right jewelry, and you’ve put a boho chic twist on an otherwise prim and proper dress.}

topshop tapestry satchel

{love this purse. it’s got a vintage-y feel, it’s small, and it’s a crossbody. perfect for shopping so you have your arms free for loads of beautiful garments on hangers or bags full of fresh purchases. (retail therapy can be way poetic.) i love the idea of mixing a “something old” element like this with the current and “new” style of the dress above.}

gorjana chloe stud earrings

{my first instinct was turquoise, so if you’re feeling that, then check out these. but when i saw these gorjana studs, i couldn’t resist. they remind me of cuff links, so in that way, they juxtapose the feminine nature of the yuki** dress. i’m also obsessed with their uneven shape. i want them!! they also come in silver, but i am a gold kind of gal.}

hope marian by lizzie fortunato jewels rhinestone bracelet

{mixed media…a perfect continuation of this kind-of-everywhere outfit. this is like the glam rock take on the traditional friendship bracelet. are there shoelaces wound up in there?}

kate spade “this year i will” idiom bangle

{i say, keep stacking the bangles with this outfit! this one adds some elegance, and while normally, i’m not for inspirational rhetoric, i must say, this engraving embodies a woman’s spirit perfectly. it reads: “read the classics, conquer the souffle, learn to cha-cha, take up the trumpet, fall head over heels” on the outside, and “there year i will” on the inside.}

hive and honey leather wrap bracelet

{thought i needed some leather to wrap up this look. that is all.}



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the little red dress

election day is fast approaching, and some of us in the biz need something special to wear for this important occasion. the right dress should be classy — not too much skin (not only because we are PROFESSIONALS, but also because it’s november) and of a certain hue.

a friend just bought this today, which led me to wonder what other options exist for the rest of us.

taylor dresses bengaline party dress

i die for this. definitely wish i had seen this while i was shopping this weekend, but the next best thing to owning it is knowing someone that owns it so you can borrow it later! the acetate says “party time!” which is most certainly what we will be doing on november 2nd. of course, the zipper is my favorite thing about this number, but the pockets are a close second. another great thing about this dress is that you don’t even need a necklace, thanks to the detail up top.

it’s important to remember that it’s too easy to go over the top when it comes to red. at a work-related event, there’s no reason to go the bombshell route…first class or no class, people. all of these are age appropriate because they hit above the knee. with black tights and a classic pair of pumps, you just might be the talk of the town! (sorry. so cheesy.)

tory burch virginia zipper dress

another zipper dress with pockets and an interesting neckline. i just can’t get enough.

diane von furstenburg honour dress

this one’s a combo of the first two dresses…i swear, i didn’t mean to! i love the v-back, boatneck combo. love, love, love how this one’s been accessorized on the mannequin.

exte short dress

this is a little flapper-esque with the tiers and fringe, but fringe!!!! i love that we’re starting to see more formal/cocktail integrating fringe!! (i am a huge fan of fringe if you can’t tell!)

ali ro asymmetrical collar dress

this one’s my favorite. it’s very mod…interesting and dramatic, yet appropriate for the occasion. you can’t tell in this picture, but the back is really cool too. now i’m starting to rethink the dress i originally bought…someone please save me from myself.

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dress for the occasion: summer afternoon wedding

*i realize it’s not summer anymore, but there’s nothing wrong with a little nostalgia. also, i pretty much can’t wait to wear this dress again so…

the occasion: 2pm texas wedding in late june

the outfit: bright young things dress, michael kors fulton crisscross zip back sandals in tan

bright young things dress in sunshine

{i got this from modcloth, a great go-to for dresses for any occasion. this piece is so unique; the top is actually more fluorescent (but not tacky) yellow and will definitely pop out in a crowd. i thought the cut of this was flattering to my broad shoulders, too. my only qualm with this dress is that the fabrics feel  a little cheap. the top is definitely not as structured as it may look, and the bottom feels kind of like a cloth shower curtain. both of these textures are difficult to iron/steam! but surprisingly, i don’t regret this purchase and will hopefully get to wear it again sometime soon.}

michael kors fulton crisscross zip back sandals

{don’t be intimidated by the heels…they are actually really comfortable! i’m a huge advocate of the platform heel; alleviates pressure on the balls of your feet and makes it much easier to walk around. trust me. i love the light tannish hue of these sandals. i’ve worn them out with a top and skinnies and also to a work event with a business casual dress. just can’t get enough. unfortunately, i think they’re only available in black and a darker brown now.}

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dress for the occasion: post-rehearsal dinner partay

the occasion: post-rehearsal dinner/pre-wedding party at a downtown houston hotel bar in mid-august

the outfit: odille casino nights blouse, express 2 1/2″ belted tweet shorts, nine west sizzlingr black heels, tasha chiffon flower clip

odille casino nights blouse

{the first time i saw this at anthro, i hated it. i thought the color would wash me out, and the print was really random. but after seeing it in-store the third time, i tried it on, and now i lovingly refer to it as my “pokerlicious” shirt. perfect for a night out or even to the office with some slacks and heels. and good news for you, it is currently on sale for half what i paid. lucky you!}

express 2 1/2″ belted tweed shorts

{the ones i own are similar but are lux brand circa 2007 (practically vintage!) with a tweed belt. these are a good alternative, though. personally, i prefer my dress shorts to be a bit longer, but whatever works.}


nine west sizzlingr black heels

{i love being the tallest person in the room. maybe it’s because i have short legs, but i try to seize any opportunity to appear longer (and leaner) to the naked eye. on this particular night, i wore an older pair of strappy dkny heels, but had i owned these at the time, i would’ve worn them instead. by some coincidence, they happened to be on sale today, so, duh, i bought them. i’ve had my eye on them for months, so naturally, i’m a happy camper!}


tasha chiffon flower clip

{i opted out of jewelry, choosing a hair accessory instead. mine’s a single, light grey flower, but i love the double flower clip shown here, too. i’m loving the messy bun look…it gets hot out there on the dance floor! tasha always has the cutest hair accessories; i love to browse the selection every time i’m at nordstrom. headbands, clips, and barrettes, galore!}

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