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talbots’ spring ’11 campaign, featuring julianne moore

she. is. stunning.

contrary to popular belief, talbots actually makes some really nice things. in fact, i think their clothes are cuter than most of the stuff in ann taylor or loft…it’s just that no one really goes inside to see for themselves. hopefully, this will change that. i can’t think of anyone better who represents the elegance and ageless beauty that julianne moore embodies.

heck, i want to look like her. and shes older than my MOM.

The ads, shot in a greenhouse by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, reflect Moore’s relationship to the 60-year-old brand: “We have this lush, traditional setting, and Julianne is in the middle of it. She’s strong, confident, and very modern. And it’s very ethereal and sensual.” Moore’s classic but playful style, Smaldone says, is also a great fit for what he calls Talbots’ “tradition transformed” platform. “We want to hold on to the classic pieces, but make them relevant to a woman today,” he says. “We’re not trendy, but our clothes are current and modern.”

“tradition transformed.” i love it.

and the ads are so…editorial. they really look like gucci or something.

(via huffpo and the cut)


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sofia vergara is now designing clothes for kmart.

well, okay.

of course, the clothes look great on the modern family bombshell. but let’s be real. how many average american women (who, by the way, is now a size 14 and 34c) have her body shape? my guess would be not too many.

from wwd:

It’s a daring move for the mass merchant to cater to the younger contemporary crowd with Vergara but, in an interview, she said the collection doesn’t cross the line. “You have to realize that it’s me wearing it. You’ve just seen it on me,” and she’s not your everyday Kmart customer. “All the pieces are very wearable. And we have them in all sizes.”

But she acknowledges the line represents Kmart stepping out. “We’re trying to fill a hole in the store. They wanted to appeal to a younger woman with something a little spicy. The times are changing,” she said.

much of the collection is in the $30 range, with jackets priced up to $59.99

see for yourself:

(via instyle)


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in the news 1/22/11

  • check out the coveted, a just-launched site that takes a look into the closets of fashion’s big wigs.
  • read businessweek’s “forever 21’s fast (and loose) fashion empire,” a rare glimpse into the inner workings of the company. (did you know that liability is actually part of their budget? when a designer complains that the chain is profiting from a knock-off of their design, they’re actually compensated. quickly.)
  • oscar de la renta criticizes michelle obama for not supporting american designers. (regarding her mcqueen number for the state dinner.)
  • rihanna gets a new ‘do, yet again. it’s scary.

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croakies are back, balenciaga declares

as seen on gisele in their spring ’11 ad campaign.

(via the cut)

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the new face of john varvatos is…DAVE FREAKING MATTHEWS

“Dave has reached a milestone in his musical career and is taking a well-deserved year off in 2011,” Varvatos said. “We feel honored that he has chosen to collaborate with us to create such timeless imagery for this season’s campaign.”

The still ads, as well as a short art film created by Clinch and design agency Yard, draw their inspiration from Matthews’ love for vintage instruments and curiosity about carnivals, carnies and street performers. He is shot with a one-man-band gadget built from scratch using a variety of historical instruments. The shoot also includes the requisite monkey — in this case, Coco.

here’s his previous appearance in varvatos’ print:

(via wwd)

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“the urkel initiative”

this is major.

a middle school principal in memphis has come up with a solution to combat the saggy pants phenomenon.

As punishment, the boys’ pants are then hiked up high, a la Urkel, and “fastened with twist ties” before their picture is tacked onto the Wall of Shame. Teachers and staff get trophies for this. Actual trophies.

(via racked)

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kate spade picks a face.

since its inception in 1993, the company has never featured a celebrity in advertisements. well, until now.

that’s bryce dallas howard, of the village, lady in the water, and most recently, twilight: eclipse. but she’s probably more well-known as the daughter of actor/director ron howard. the company she kept while growing up explains her fascination with the brand at such a young age:

“The Kate Spade offer came up and I kind of lost my mind. There’s something about that brand that, from a young age, I really, really, really connected with. It was always the thing I wanted for Christmas…since I was 15 or 16,” said Howard. “It represents a lifestyle that I always really loved.…It’s my first experience [in an ad campaign]. But I wouldn’t have been good otherwise.…It just would have been obvious if I weren’t into the brand.”

(via wwd)

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omg ew. and why.

channeling bo derek?

i’m disturbed.

(via popeater)

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kendall jenner wins the kardashian family portrait.

i. love. her. fur.

elle was kind of enough to point out the obvious differences between the final photo and this candid shot:

“First of all, Lamar Odom’s been entirely photoshopped into the portrait. He doesn’t appear in any of the other images, and when they inserted him they  blurred his face.  Secondly, Kris’ seafoam green Pamela Roland gown turned a silvery shade of gunmetal. Bruce’s hair earned an extra inch on top and Kim’s body was twisted in a way we’re pretty sure the human body’s not meant to move.  But maybe worst of all, everyone’s smiles were wiped out.  Not even little Mason cracked a grin in his custom made Ralph Lauren suit! “

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kate middleton may be a thrifty queen after all.

there’s a lot of hubbub this morning about william and kate’s engagement pics.

according to the daily mail,

“The Reiss belted Nanette gown with three-quarter length sleeves and a frill along the zip was advertised on eBay yesterday as ‘new’ for £179. The same dress – which, the seller warned, has dusty shoulders and may need dry cleaning – was for sale on the auction website a week ago for just £99. It is thought to have cost £159 in last season’s autumn/winter collection and is no longer available in Reiss shops, the brand said.”
that’s about $280.

and she wore a $149 embroidered whistles blouse in this photo:

vulture is reporting that reiss is planning to re-release the nanette dress as part of their spring ’11 collection. (it was originally fall ’09.)

why not make a quick buck when ya can!


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