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glamour (march 2011): diane kruger

she is definitely in the top 5 of my best dressed list. always.

can you believe shes 34?!?!?

{in chanel jacket, daryl k tee, and j brand shorts}

On what her favorite look is: “A well-cut dress. It’s all about the cut. I love three-quarter sleeves. I definitely like it classic; less is more. The thing I despise most is vulgarity, and there’s a lot of that here [in L.A.].”

On her biggest fashion splurge: “The biggest fashion purchase I ever made I thought about for six years. I’m not kidding. All my life I wanted to own an Hermès Constance bag, and when I signed with Calvin Klein, I decided this was the time that I could afford it. I truly broke a sweat when I paid for it.”

On her boyfriend Joshua Jackson and his style: “We go shopping. But he likes it. I definitely wasn’t fond of these blue sneakers that he wore all the time for about a year and a half.”

On marrying and divorcing when she was younger: “Without sounding pessimistic, I learned that I don’t believe in marriage. I believe in a commitment that you make in your heart. There’s no paper that will make you stay.”

(via racked)


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the exception to the “no cargo pants” rule.

j brand houlihan slim cargo pants in vintage olive

i despise cargo pants (especially on men), but i’m loving this style of cargos that has been ushered in with the revival of the military look. well, i guess it could be argued that it never died in the first place.

the skinny, cropped cargo can be dressed up with a pair of killer, neutral toned heels or dressed down with flat sandals.

i’m obsessed and want a pair NOW. these also come in black or taupe. i don’t even want to begin to think about whether i’d want them in olive or black.

and here’s another cargo i don’t like as much but still want to try on soon. because ya just never know…

eight sixty woven harem cargo pants

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