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gotta have it: aztec inspired poncho

like i said, i went shopping for shoes and bought a poncho instead. but this was something i just couldn’t say no to. it makes me feel…tribal? (after all, i did live in the southwest for 3 months, haha.)

and it has a hood. super versatile. totally worth $30, right???

it’s the perfect combination of my 2 favorite winter trends: cape/ponchos and fairisle knit!

{forever 21 aztec inspired poncho}


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gotta have it: charlotte russe polka dot tulip skirt

i never thought i’d be a 24 year old adult shopping at charlotte russe. but here i am.

i couldn’t imagine life without this skirt, so naturally, i bought it. can’t wait to wear it with a simple, single shade top (i’m thinking olive or gray) and some tights!

{charlotte russe polka dot tulip skirt}

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gotta have it: forever 21 pointed patent bow flats

two-toned ballet flats are so in right now. (everyone from gap to tory burch to lanvin to louboutin is carrying their own version this winter.)

but i couldn’t resist these flats. office appropriate but still snazzy. and for $16. you know i’m not about to pass that up. (living on a budget sucks. i don’t recommend it.)

forever 21 pointed patent bow flats


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gotta have it: plush fleece-lined tights

a tip from jezebel’s “how to dress for parties when it’s freezing.” (it’s 30 degrees in texas this morning.)

This is the first — but not the last — time I will mention fleece-lined tights. These have literally changed my life. Somehow magically warm, yet unbulky, they’re as cozy as leggings but thin enough to wear to a party.
they’re only $35 at singer22.
find a list of retailers here.

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gotta have it: gap reversible boucle vest

you may be surprised to know that i do not shop on black friday. (or maybe not so surprised because only crazy people would willingly get up at 4am to line up in front of target. not worth it.) also, can we talk about the fact that oldnavy opens at midnight on friday? like, 12AM on thursday night/friday morning. WHAT IN THE WORLD????

ANYWAY. gap, continuing their recent trend of constant, ridiculous markdowns (aka corporate downward spiral) is offering 50% off everything in-store until 10am. today, you can get 20% off everything online. unfortunately, they don’t have a lot to offer right now, but i do LOOOOVE this:

gap reversible boucle vest

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gotta have it: the bobble

this is not a style-related post, but in the spirit of consumerism, i’d like to promote my new favorite thing: the bobble, a recycled, self-filtering water bottle. i saw these on the shelf at central market while i was during my usual trip to replenish my ever-dwindling supply of cherry sours.

bobbles in all different sizes and colors!

according to the website, the bobble was developed to combat the “costs bottled water imposes on our environment and ourselves.” (did you know americans spend $17 billion on portable water? and that 1.5 million barrels of oil are used annually to make plastic water bottles?)

bobbles are bpa-free and come in 3 different sizes (13 oz., 18.5 oz., and 34 oz.) and a wide array of colors. what’s fun is that the replacement filters (to be changed every 2 months) are also available in a wide array of colors, so you can always mix it up!

for someone who drinks a ton of water, this is a godsend. i really wish i had a bobble when i lived in arizona, where the tap water is absolutely disgusting.

find your local retailer here.

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gotta have it: broadway & broome snapshot minidress

i can’t stay away from madewell these days. i am in love with every single piece of clothing in their current inventory. i tried this dress on yesterday, and while it did not look so great on me, i still want to spotlight because i love everything about it. the structure, the zipper, the length of the sleeves, and the fabric (modal! my fav!). if you live near a madewell store, do yourself a favor and try it on, along with everything else they have on the floor right now. mar-ve-lous.

broadway & broome snapshop minidress

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gotta have it: madewell caravan pants

while on the hunt for a navy blazer last night, i obviously got very distracted and ended up trying on these fabulous pants. i want them badly but have promised myself to wait at least one whole day before purchasing them. all i’m saying is, they BETTER be there when i go back to buy them.

madewell caravan pants in dark olive

and while i’m there, i may or may not snag this. i am determined to add some velvet to my wardrobe this season.

madewell velvet panel  tee

i LOVE how madewell has managed to inject some bright red into their winter collection without being, for lack of a better word, gap-y. it’s really interesting to see how, since inception, they have moved from this washed out, beachy motif to a bolder, brighter, more sophisticated overall look. getting alexa chung on board was absolutely HUGE. i am completely enamored with the brand right now. now if only they could come out with a more inventive accessories line and not make everything look like a knock-off of their sister brand, j.crew…


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gotta have it: merona myka suede wedges

merona myka suede wedges in taupe

i’m a staunch supporter of wedges. admittedly, they are not as cute as stilettos, but they’re 100 times easier to walk in. once, i ran through what seemed like a hurricane in my most reliable pair. wedges are a surefire way to make your legs look longer without inflicting pain upon your poor feet. i got these at target today for $30!

these are perfect tone for fall (they come in 5 other shades so you’re sure to find one you love). i can just tell these are going to be my go-to shoes for the season. so comfortable…i swear i’d be fine after a full day on my feet.

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gotta have it: gap tweed funnel jacket & san diego hat co. toasty rose scarf

gap tweed funnel jacket

it was 95 degrees this weekend in arizona, so naturally i went out and bought a coat and scarf. (by the world’s standards, this is probably a light jacket, but here in the south, this is most definitely a coat.)  admittedly, this one isn’t anything spectacular…pretty much your standard tweed jacket. however, i love the oversized collar, which i’m starting to see more and more, that can easily be flipped up on those particularly chilly days. this will be a total steal on gap’s recent trend of giving customers 40% off of everything. by the way, i have said this before and will say it again…i think gap will go out of business before i turn 30. the day america loses one its most iconic and versatile rtw brands (despite patrick robinson’s defenses) will be a sad day indeed.


san diego hat co. toasty rose scarf

well, my quest to find a cute and affordable snood (in an actual store and not online) has been completely unfruitful. in the meantime, i’m settling for this necker (what a strange word.) it also comes in neutral and ivory, and it’s certainly eye-catching, especially when worth with a single-tone trench or peacoat. i think this is adorable, but it’s one of those things that i know my guy friends will mock me for wearing. i can just hear it now….”what the heck are you wearing around your neck?” UGH, BOYS.

this whole ascot look is apparently really in right now; what could easily be an iffy throwback to sound of music/ww2-era germany in general has managed to be recreated as a classy and feminine touch to drab winter wear. i saw the tea and biscuits scarf and pixel perfect ascot on the anthro floor today, and i approve.

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